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 CFPUA Customer Survey: GenX and the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant

In 2016, per-fluorinated compounds, including the compound known as GenX, were discovered in the Cape Fear River. CFPUA’s Sweeney Water Treatment Plant, as it is currently designed, is unable to remove these compounds from the drinking water. Currently, there are no drinking water standards to tell us whether these are acceptable levels to have in our water.

After completing a pilot study at the Plant, we have determined that Granular Activated Carbon technology is effective in reducing these compounds in the drinking water. In May 2018, the CFPUA Board of Directors voted to authorize staff to negotiate a design contract to upgrade the Plant with this new technology—a project that could cost approximately $50 million.

Although CFPUA has taken legal action against Chemours, it is unclear whether it will be resolved before the plant would be upgraded.

The issue of water quality is one that affects every citizen, family and business in our community. Given the impact it could have on the water quality of those who receive water from CFPUA, we would like to hear what the community thinks about the issue of emerging contaminants and a potential upgrade to the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant.

Please take a few moments to fill out the survey below. A paper copy of the survey is also available in our offices at 235 Government Center Drive or 305 Chestnut Street. Individual responses will remain anonymous.